Vito is a character introduced into The Mateo Show's Seventh Season. He was really not a major character until very late into the season, and was introduced during Spring Break. He is also tremendously bad with names.

Personality Edit

Vito is a tough guy, who confirms that his family has Italian background. He is muscular, and he uses hair gel, and he always instigates arguments and obsesses over his looks, much to the annoyance of Mateo and Lindsay in particular.

Depiction in the Series Edit

Season 7 Edit

Vito first appears in "Hollywood Tenfold" when he runs the Hollywood Half Marathon with Svetlana, alongside Mateo who is doing the 10k. He hen finishes the half marathon at the same time Mateo finishes his 10k due mostly to Mateo running a 15 minute mile throughout most of the race, with him running 10 minute miles. Once back on Wuhu Island, Mateo introduces himself, and Vito thinks he is Italian like himself. This is due largely to Mateo's name. This assumption is shot down when Mateo explains that he is actually Spanish, to Vito's chagrin. Vito has also openly stated that he would gladly take Mateo to Italy after hearing he has never been there before, even more so when Mateo said that he has been wanting to go for a long time. The next day, Mateo goes to visit the family back on Wuhu, and Vito is happy to see him back. Vito tells him about the eggs, and how funny he finds them, also choosing unwisely to make a snide comment about his "wheezing" when he runs. This makes Mateo so furious he blows smoke out of his ears, nose, mouth, and behind. Vito says, breaking the fourth wall, that it is the most undignified thing that he has ever seen Mateo do, and Mateo, offended, leaves. He then returns later that day to apologize to Vito for being so offended,to which he forgives and forgets. He isn't seen as much after this episode, and his next major role is not until the 7th Season Finale, where he and Mateo break into Pump It Up to party late at night, and he and Mateo duel each other in an imitation Super Smash Bros.

Season 8 Edit

Vito has appeared in most of the 8th season so far, and one of his most prominent roles is in "The Lovely, Smexy Sleepover" when he is invited to a sleepover at Samantha's house, and gets top bunk in Max's room with Svetlana, while Mal gets the bottom with Mateo. Vito is a little wierded out the next day when he finds Mal stroking Mateo's hair and licking his ear, and after this, Mal wakes up in horror to realize he has kissed a boy, and Mateo is also terrified, causing Vito to laugh at Mal, commenting that he should get with Mateo, but of course Mateo dissolved such rumor by saying he was straight, which was true. He is then seen in "Fletcher or Chester" where he merely laughs, along with Mal, that Dado gets Fletcher and Chester confused. They also laugh when Mateo says "Come on ya old bean, it's FLETCHer, not CHESTer." Chester and Fletcher are actually very offended by this, and resolve to not speak to Dado again. In the same episode karma hits him when Peppa accidentally texts him that "you can have my titties candy" instead of "you can have my temple candy", which makes Vito throw up, and Alejandro starts singing "It's Raining Tacos", while Vito, Mateo, and Mike stare at him in horror.

Trivia Edit

  • Vito was actually meant to be introduced in Season 4, but was pushed back to Season 5, then 6, before finally being introduced in the 7th Season.
  • He knows how to fix a FEM train, meaning it is a good thing to have him onboard one.
  • His last name was originally going to be Doran, but it was changed to Dent, then Schmidt, and finally Smith.
  • His character is a parody of Mike Sorrentino from "Jersey Shore"
  • A storyline was considered of him being killed off in the Season 7 finale, but this was cut.

Gallery Edit

Mike As Vito

Vito as he appears in "Hollywood Tenfold"

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