Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn pony (a unicorn with regal status) that moved to Wuhu from Equestria on Wuhu's Independence Day, July 5, 2015. This caused Twilight to become affilated with the Wuhu government and she became Queen alongside King Frog, through Coronation by Friendship. She lives in Summerstone Castle with King Frog.

Personality Edit

Love of Books Edit

Mike commented that she had a very intricate love for books, and she consulted them to help her become more knowledgeable on Wuhu.

Rationality Edit

At her Coronation in "The Dawn of the Ponies" she kept rational when she discovered the crown had gone missing. Unfortunately, when under extreme pressure, she can lose her cool. For example, when the printing press in the library broke down while publishing "The Lindsay and Rarity Story", she hysterically asked that another one be built. It is revealed, also in "The Dawn of the Ponies" that her biggest fear is Mexican Food, during breakfast at the cafeteria that morning.

Straightforwardness Edit

Twilight is very straightforward. This is demonstrated in "Welcome the Twilight's Sparkle" when she tells Holly and the other fairies about how they embody the element of magic, an element of harmony.

Magical Capabilities Edit

Twilight Sparkle, like all unicorns and alicorns, has magical capabilities. She uses these when she tours Summerstone Castle for the first time, casting the light spell, Lumos, in the bedroom that would eventually become hers.

Appearances Edit

S8 E15: Welcome the Twilight's Sparkle

S8 E16: The Dawn of the Ponies

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