Season 7 is the seventh season of The Mateo Show.

Setting Edit

It takes place around Los Santos among other places, around the time of Mateo's Seventh Grade Year.

Summary Edit

Mateo begins the summer with much relief in his mind after knowing he could leave Orville without ever having to come back. During this time, he takes a vacation to Paris, France with his mom, and tours Southwestern France with her and his Australian friends, Max, Leon, and Sean. After getting home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Goldie are introduced onto the show and become major characters in the following episodes. The school year then starts at Dodson Middle School. It is during the year that many new characters are introduced, in this order: Troy, Bonbon, Chichi, Mangle, Puppet, BB, Baymax, Springtrap, Mike, Chester, Svetlana, Vito, Manitoba, Mal, Noah, Alejandro, Lindsay.

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