The Mid Sodor Railway was once a 2 foot gauge railway that closed in 1947.


In 1880, the railway opened. 3 engines, DukeFalcon, and Smudger. They worked the railway alone for many years. Then in 1916 and 1921 respectively, two more engines, Stanley and Stuart. In 1923, the North Western Railway considered building a standard gauge line to Peel Godred, but the mountain clearances were unsurpassable, so they went only as far as Kildane. The opening of this line proved disastrous for the Mid Sodor Railway, as trains from Peel Godred were shortened to one coach. WW2 Brought much needed traffic. The engines were maintained, but the tracks, coaches, and freight cars suffered.


In 1946, there was a terrible accident, because Stanley failed, his water tank overflowed, and Cas-ny-Hawin mine was abandoned due to the flooding. With no reason to remain open, the railway closed. Stuart and Falcon were sold to the MR Railways Narrow Gauge Trust for $50 and Duke and Smudger were sheeted at Arlesdale sheds. A part of the line reopened for the 15 in gauge Arlesdale Railway, but most of the railway remained closed

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