Mal is a character who introduced to The Mateo Show during it's 7th season. Mal isn't really a major character unitl near the end of the season.

Personality Edit

Mal is not what he sounds like he is, in other words he isn't malicious at all, just crazy and daring. He is fun, but hard to handle, and to Mateo at first is more trouble than he's worth. His solutions to problems are often bizarre, but amusing. Despite his front end, he does care about people (mainly his brothers) and shows it in many bizzare ways. He never means bad, but his results often dictate otherwise.

Depiction in the show Edit

Season 7 Edit

He first appears in "Hollywood Tenfold" but has no lines in this episode. In this episode he is seen watching Vito, Svetlana, and Mateo finish their runs in Hollywood, and is also seen on Wuhu Island when Mateo uses Mal's shower to cleanse himself, much to Mal's confusion. His next appearance is in "Mateo the Fiery" when Mateo blows smoke out of his mouth, nose, ears, and behind, and he is seen coughing. His only line in the episode is "What will you do for an encore, destroy the whole building?" He isn't prominent as much after this, and his next major role is in the Season 7 finale, where he, along with Mateo and the rest of the family, breaks into Pump It Up to party late at night, where he participates in the Team V versus Team M imitation brawl as part of Team V.

Season 8 Edit

Mal is featured much more in Season 8, and his first major appearance is in "The Lovely, Smexy Sleepover", where he goes to Samantha's house and gets bottom bunk with Mateo at a sleepover. Mal, unfortunately, starts licking Mateo's ear and stroking his hair in his sleep, and the next day, he screams in horror when he sees what he has done. He is very grateful when Mateo yells that he is straight at the whole house. His next major role is in "Fletcher or Chester" where Dado keeps getting Fletcher and Chester mixed up, much to their irritation. Mal just laughs at most of the conflict, and Mateo is seen trying to beat him in a MatvFvMalvMani Super Craft Bros Battle on Minecraft, which he wins, with Mateo coming in second. He also laughs when Vito and Peppa exchange an text that got botched by autocorrect. After this, he joins Alejandro in singing "It's Raining Tacos" much to Mike, Mateo, and Vito's horror.

Trivia Edit

  • Mal was originally meant to be introduced as Season 5's main antagonist, but was then pushed back to being Season 6's secondary protagonist, and then finally to Season 7.
  • Mal's last name was originally going to be Dent, but this was changed to Schmidt and finally Smith.
  • He was originally meant to be killed off in the Season 7 finale, but this storyline was cut.

Gallery Edit

Mal transparent

Mal as he appears during his time on the show.

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