The engine in service

Fowler's Ghost, is as it seems, a ghost engine who haunts the trackage.


It was built in 1861 for service in London. It was tested on a run to Hanwell, failing miserably. Then it was tested on home tracks, but things went as badly as before. It was banished to a disused tunnel on the Metropolitan. A tunnel then crashed on it. Sightings have been reported, including for some engines at Copley Hill West.


In 1870, some people on the Metropolitan Railway saw it, mistaking it for a runaway. They tried to derail it, but it never came. On the 50th anniversary of the Hanwell run, it was seen again. In 1952, after an accident, it was seen by B12 No. 61572 "Stephen". In 1959, It was seen by 4MT 4-6-0 "Jerry"after a shunter was cut up, but Stephen saw it again on Halloween after he revealed it to Copley Hill shed. In 1993, Teri saw it after hitting the Big Bayou Canot bridge, and in 1998, Emery saw it after being involved as the derailed train in the Eschede train wreck. In 2001, Freighty saw it after SD40 8888 Crashed into him.

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